The Story Behind The Name

NoFilters was one day chosen, to focus on the essence of the original capture, guaranteeing authenticity. Something that started as a hobby in 2009, NoFilters is on the verge of establishing itself as a brand for aesthetics, character & genuine customer satisfaction.


I hope you want to be surprised and delighted when you see the images from your requested event. Your photographs should be an honest interpretation of this significant event. Using the most advanced and modern cameras and computerized photography equipment, in his unique and artistic way, Clemens will make sure that the documentation of your event will be done in the most professional way. Standing above all is his desire to make the customer 100% happy. A warm personality matched with great deal of sensitivity, allow him to work on magical moments, freezing memories in a flash. Clemens will be more than happy to set up a meeting so you can plan together a memorable package of your greatest event by offering a bespoke solution.

The creed and foundation of his company is based solely on working in the natural environment, totally neglecting the needs to work in a studio. Hence the results remain emotionally untouched allowing multi-facetted compositions.

We believe that in the age of digital devices, photography should still be considered an analogue craftsmanship. As you engage with many physical elements from the prediction of speed and  the angle of lighting, Clemens remains at heart a traditional artist. The blossom of his craft is always unchanged to his capture, emphasising to freeze “the moment”.


Camera: Canon 5D Mark III

Lenses: Walimex Pro 14mm f/2.8  (Architecture) / Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 USM (Portrait/Product) / Sigma ART 135mm f/1.8 HSM (Portrait)